Company Policy
The success of Sauro depends on its ability to maintain a constant level of attention to the requirements of all vested parties and thus can only be achieved by responding to and when possible anticipating the needs and expectations of these parties with customer satisfaction, protection of the environment, and protection of the health and safety of its workers and collaborators. For these reasons, the Board of Directors – BoD (Senior Management) has adopted an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, and Health and Safety at Work (IMS) compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and UNI ISO 45001: 2018. The Board of Directors (Senior Management), with a focus on continuous improvement and sustainable economic, environmental and social development, undertakes to ensure therefore the pursuit by the Company of the following strategic objectives:

  • constant and systematic compliance with the legal requirements and additional applicable requirements signed by the Company in order to prevent pollution and accidents / injuries / occupational hazards at work;
  • improvement in the competence, awareness, communication, motivation, consultation, participation and empowerment of workers and their representatives, in the adoption of the IMS;
  • identification of processes relevant to health and safety at work and their monitoring through appropriate indicators in order to reduce costs and decrease dangers and risk situations;
  • commitment to workers to ensure safe and adequate work environments, specific training, willingness to listen to everyone’s needs and requests and communication on the progress of the IMS in order to have inclusive understanding and involvement  in the pursuit of the company policy
  • the tutelage of the workers’ health and safety, obtained through:
    – prevention as priority over protection
    – collective protection before individual protection
    – full compliance  with the national and European law
    – cooperation and support with personnel during the assessment of the different risk level associated with the work practices
    – use of avant guard technology
    – continuous personnel training
  • continued improvement of the management system (SGI) and of its performance (processes, environment, safety and health).
  • continued development with involvement and awareness of internal personnel on the improvement of the Integrated Management System (SGI).
  • design and implementation of products, equipment  and tools using the most advanced production and monitoring technologies towards environment compatibility and risk prevention, from product inception to end of life.
  • continual research and use of raw and auxiliary materials that have minimal impact on environmental, health, and safety concerns.
  • supply chain participation on improvement of products and environmental performance.
  • prevention of humanitarian emergencies in conflict areas by joining the Conflict Minerals Initiative and compliance with Legislative Decree 13 of February 2, 2021, which governs the adaptation to the European regulation 2017/821;
  • promoting the use of eco-friendly or low environmental impact products and packaging in order to facilitate the recyclability of finished products at end of  life, permit the correct disposal of packaging and support reduction of energy consumption..

Last modification: June 6th 2023