Company Policy
Sauro knows that its success depends on the ability to maintain a consistently high level of attention to the needs of all parties involved. Such success can only be achieved by answering to, and, whenever possible, forecasting on needs and expectations, protecting the environment and the Health and Safety of its workers and partners.
Therefore, the Board of Directors commits the Company to pursue the following strategic goals:

  • Constant and systematic respect of the applicable requirements and all obligations of conformity endorsed by the Company, with the dual aim of prevention of pollution and work related incidents/injuries/sicknesses.
  • Continued improvement of the management system and of its performance (processes, environment, safety and health).
  • Continued development with involvement and awareness for internal personnel about the improvement of the Integrated Management System.
  • Design and implementation of products, equipment, and tools using the most advanced production and monitoring technologies towards environment compatibility and safety risk prevention, from product inception to end of life.
  • Continual research and use of raw and auxiliary materials that have minimal impact on environmental, health, and safety concerns.
  • Supply chain involvement towards improvement of products and environmental performance.
  • Optimization of energy consumption and of the use of natural resources.
  • Promoting usage of environmentally friendly or reduced environmental impact products and packaging aimed at facilitating the recycling and reduction of energy consumption at end of life.

Last modified: August 22nd, 2018