Short-circuit bridges (SAURO patent)

SAURO short circuit bridges meet the safety and environmental requirements of the most restrictive world wide regulations. The protruding part is protected by a UL94-V0 self-extinguishing insulating housing without BPDE and PBD, the metallic part is made of copper alloy with lead-free tin surface treatments.
Intended also as bridges on the board, the BSC series has tapered feet (patented).
The series is available from 2 to 9 poles with the possibility of pairing up to an infinite number of poles. The bridges can be supplied already mounted on the connectors and terminal blocks according to customer specifications.

Code Description
BSC__000-0R for rising clamp system
BSC__0C0-0R for spring clamp system

Auxiliary terminal block

The auxiliary terminal blocks are without metal components and with closed wire entry. They can be assembled to the other terminal blocks of the same type already on the board. Some applications use altered versions of the same boards with a different number of inputs and outputs. In this case, the auxiliary terminal blocks allow the same plastic housing to be used for all applications, avoiding residual openings with obvious safety and aesthetic problems.


SAURO screwdrivers are the most suitable for the manual wiring of products. They have a easy to grip head and a revolving stem with a knurled handle. The mini screwdriver has a 0.3 x 1.8 mm end and is suitable for wiring the smaller terminal block series MSD. The medium-high screwdriver has a 0.3 x 2.5 mm end and can be used for all other series of terminal blocks and connectors.

Code Description QTY per box
WV0047-18 Mini 10
WV0048-25 Medium high 10


The magnet confirms that the metal components used in the SAURO terminal blocks and connectors are made exclusively of non-ferrous alloys, based on copper, and therefore ascertains the high quality of the materials used.

Code QTY per box
WV0024-MS 10