Standard packaging

Each product is supplied in its own Standard Packaging which contains a specific product count.
The product must be ordered in an amount equal to the relative standard pack quantity or multiples thereof.
To obtain standard quantities of a specific SAURO product, please refer to the specific product file or to the Sales Manager of reference.

Industrial packaging

Industrial packaging is available for large product quantities when the use of many of the smaller standard packaging is not convenient.
The product code for industrial packaging is indicated by adding -00000E to the end of the SAURO part number.

Kit packaging

All SAURO products can be supplied in kits as listed below. These kits allow a simplification of product management (part-number reduction), shipment, storage and assembly, as well as a reduction in the risk of error.

Client PCB kit: Different types of products, packaged together based on customer requests for assembly needs. Usually the various components of the kit are supplied in a nylon bag.

Assembly kit: Similar to Client PCB Kit however with individual products packaged separately to optimize quantity and assembly process on the board. Usually each product is packaged in a large nylon bag, then inserted into a carton to form the kit.

Ergonomic kit: various modular products hooked and possibly numbered, so that the subsequent sequential separation optimizes their assembly on the board.

Tape-on-Reel, tray and tube: for automated assembly of products on PCB
Aligned tray and tube: for semi-automatic assembly or to protect pins for those products that require it.


Distribution system according to customer consumption (just in time), can be applied to any kind of packaging.