System AUtomation and RObotics

SAURO avails advanced, fully automated production engineering. Machines, assembly lines and moulds are all designed and built in-house.
All production, starting from individual components to finished products is done at the Headquarters in Padua Italy. SAURO has always provided products that are fully tested on the production line, therefore showing that they already work, and allowing the customer a guarantee of zero functional defects.

By the law

The company strategy is based on absolute respect for:
– human health and safety (BH OHSAS 18001 certification, compliance with REACH Regulation and RoHS2 directive)
– the environment (ISO 14001 certification, compliance with REACH regulation and RoHS2 directive)
– international standards (possession of the most prestigious international approvals such as cULus, VDE, IMQ, CSA, with correspondent file numbers)
– the market

R&D and Innovation

SAURO is innovation, research and development.
Thus to study and adopt technologies, invent and develop new solutions, perform product tests, invest time and resources to understand and meet needs, find a way to continuously offer advantages and cost savings; this is our mission in the electrical connection world.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution and is radically changing the way we manufacture. SAURO forecasted this fact and subsequently grew in anticipation of these concepts and, with an open and conscious approach, has already adopted advanced analytical methods to improve and renew the cornerstones of its strategy: automation, innovation, reliability, quality and competitiveness.

Customer satisfaction at 6σ level

The automation of business processes, the functional test carried out 100% pole by pole and the application of advanced analytical methods in accordance to Industry 4.0, results in the achievement of a 6σ level in customer satisfaction.