No corrosion

SAURO products are suitable for use in harsh environments and harsh operating conditions (marine environments, chemical industries, etc.), since its metallic components are made exclusively in special copper alloys.
The salt spray test, according to UNI EN ISO 9227-06, highlights the reactions of materials when they are exposed for 168 hours (7 days) to the corrosive action of salt (NaCl), present in a certain concentration in the atmosphere.
SAURO products, after being subjected to this test remain absolutely unaltered and show no sign of corrosion, while often in other comparable products with the same exposure, the presence of red corrosion (rust) or white corrosion (chloride of zinc) occurs.
In addition, all products with spring clamping technology and, in all cases, with stainless steel metal components can be used in environments where ammonia is present (NH3) such as agricultural and live stock applications or chemical industries.