August 1984

Foundation of SAURO srl by engineer (Ing.) Favero Santino, President & CEO, and 4 other members

March 1992

SAURO moves to Villafranca Padovana, in the province of Padua

March 1998

SAURO buys an additional building near the Headquarters

March 1999

SAURO Inc.’s commercial office is established in the United States of America

March 2008

The SAURO Electronic Connectors (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. China commercial office is established  in Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone

October 2011

SAURO buys another building near the Headquarters

September 2012

The SAURO GmbH commercial office is established in Krefeld, Germany

August 2014

SAURO celebrates 30 years of business by promoting  Industry 4.0 and by building the SAURO roundabout (GPS coordinates: Latitude 45.45377, Longitude 11.7755)


Foundation of the MIIS® International Division (Missione Internazionale Informatore SAURO).This Division is composed of several holistic experts to deliver the message that:“ SAURO’s product: not a sale but an acquisition”.