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The site allows for personalization of both character colours and dimensions, while adapting itself automatically to the screen resolution.

Once you have customized your settings, the site抯 pages can be visualized through the chosen interface, and such the interface will be available for the next link.

The system uses cookies which must be activated in order to utilize the above discussed features.
Colour adaptation
Colour perception is different in each person and, with different sensitivity towards tones, certain colours can create problems for some while consulting the web site.
In perfect alignment with Sauro抯 overall philosophy of serving the customer抯 needs, while surfing the site the user can choose among three different themes characterized by the main colours GREEN, BLUE, RED. This allows for the obtainment of an interface personally adapted to each user抯 visual preference.
To change from one interface to another, the user can click the icon of the desired colour, situated on the top right-hand side of the accessibility page, at any time.
Character dimensions
All texts in the site can be reduced or enlarged to user preference.
To set character size, the user can click on the "A" at the top of the page which corresponds to a preferred character size (small, medium and large). Further, the user can enlarge or reduce the newly selected character size by holding the CTRL key and rotating the mouse wheel.
Self-adaptable site
The site is optimized for the most common screen resolution, (1024x768) but is easily adaptable to any resolution chosen by the user. When the window feature is used the site utilizes all the available display area even when browser dimensions change.
Language choice
The full web-site is available in 8 common languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian, allowing easy interpretation and understanding for a range of cultures.
The language choice can be changed at any time by clicking the correspondent link on the display console.
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